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A Dictionary Of Wonders: Van Cleef & arpels: the Enchanted World Of Van Cleef and arpels
[Hardback - 2023]
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Category: Jewellery
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Publisher: Flammarion Uk | ISBN: 9782080282972 | Pages: 360
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This book is a poetic and timeless memento, a voyage into the heart of jeweler Van Cleef && Arpels’ universe to discover their creations. This opus, arranged as an alphabetical guide, is a veritable A-Z lexicon that revisits the themes and codes of the famous jeweler: indispensable historical references to emblematic jewels, precision watchmaking and jewelry-making techniques demonstrating unique savoir faire, and artistic collaborations. Fabienne Reybaud’s lively text leads the reader into the center of an enchanting world where everything wondrous and fantastical serves as an ever-rejuvenating source of inspiration and creativity. This poetic and timeless memento is magnificently illustrated with fabulous miniature worlds inhabited by the masterpieces that have forged the international identity and renown of the jewelers Van Cleef && Arpels.

Fabienne Reybaud is a distinguished editor specialized in the luxury world, notably in jewelry and watchmaking. She writes for the most prestigious French publications and has published more than ten books, including Jewelry Guide: The Ultimate Compendium (Assouline, 2022), Louis Vuitton Tambour (Thames && Hudson, 2022), Effortless Style: Casa Lopez with Pierre Sauvage (Flammarion, 2018), Rolex: The Impossible Collection (Assouline, 2018), Watches: The Ultimate Guide (Assouline, 2006/2010), and 100 Montres de Légende with Frédéric Ramade (Solar,1999).