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Metalsmithing For Jewelry Makers
[Paperback - 2024]
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Category: Jewellery
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Publisher: Thames & Hudson Uk | ISBN: 9780500297858 | Pages: 320
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An authoritative step-by-step manual, combining tutorials, inspirational galleries, extensive cross-referencing and advice on metal jewelry-making. Thanks to the popularity of workshops and classes, metal jewelry-making is no longer the exclusive realm of professional jewelry designers. Now, with a little patience and the right instruction, anyone can learn to create beautiful jewelry with metalsmithing techniques. This book is one of the most comprehensive volumes on metal jewelry-making available. Freshly commissioned, full-colour photographs accompany detailed step-by-step tutorials, while comprehensive sidebars detail the relevant considerations for applying each technique to a variety of different metals, with cross-references where applicable. The book also includes profiles of contemporary practitioners, providing readers with an understanding of a wide range of different working methods, materials and developing techniques. With its combination of tutorials, inspirational galleries, extensive cross-referencing and advice, Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers is an authoritative reference that is guaranteed to appeal to professionals and amateurs alike.

Jinks McGrath is a British designer jeweller, hand-making bespoke pieces from her rural workshop. She also runs a program of jewellery courses and exhibitions throughout the year. Jinks works with charitable organisations to establish jewellery workshops around the world and has authored 7 books on jewellery making.